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Assessing the perception of drones in the construction industry.

Janssen, S.L. (2015) Assessing the perception of drones in the construction industry.

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Abstract:This research is done as an internal research project at the department of Construction Management & Engineering of the University of Twente and has drones in the construction industry as its subject. Drones can be used for several applications, but they have not been implemented in the construction industry while they might improve the construction process on several levels. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, better known as ‘drones’ are aircrafts that can be remotely controlled or even fly autonomously. The drones that this research discusses are multi-copter drones that can fly and hover in the air with the help of multiple rotor blades. Drones are often equipped with camera’s making them ideal for visual inspections. The research conducted will serve as the base of another research that will try to make the construction industry enthusiast to implement drones in that industry. The goal of this research is to provide more insight in what is necessary to encourage the construction industry to implement drones. This will be achieved by answering the main research question: “What is the perception of the application of drones in the construction industry?”. In order to answer this question it was first researched what drones could do in the construction industry. This is mostly with the use of cameras. One of these applications of drones could be conducting visual inspections of objects at height while the operator is safe on the ground. This is not only safer, it is also a lot faster than sending an inspector to a roof. The potential users of the research were found to be contractors, local governments and consultancy agencies. After the literature study a survey and interviews were put together. The questions asked in the survey were based on the outcome of the literature study. The survey was spread under the potential users found earlier in the research. In order to get good insight in what the potential users of drones expect drones to do there were also three interviews conducted. These interviews gave a great in depth view to the expectations the potential users have of drones. The results of the survey and interviews were processed and the data analysed by comparing the results. After this, conclusions were drawn and recommendations for further research were made.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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