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Het ontwerp voor een ruimtelijke oplossing voor de serre van het LEF Future Center

Kinneging, A.L.T. (2015) Het ontwerp voor een ruimtelijke oplossing voor de serre van het LEF Future Center.

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Abstract:In this assignment, a piece of furniture for the orangery of the LEF future center is designed. LEF future center is part of Rijkswaterstaat en offers sessions that facilitate breakthroughs. These sessions are led by facilitators and are being held in several specially designed rooms. This assignment will focus on the orangery as there are plans for a redesign of this space. The orangery deals with a lack of unity. This makes it impossible to use it to its full potential. Firstly, a study was conducted on the client and the definition future center. What are the unique selling points of LEF, what’s the chain of events in a sessions and how are they functioning in comparison to other future centers? The study continued on the definition of facilitation and the methods that are being used in the sessions. The research phase concluded with an analysis of the surroundings, customers and stakeholders of the future center. Which furniture is most often used nowadays and who are the direct stakeholders of the design in this assignment? Also, the purpose and vision of the redesign of the orangery is defined. This information leaves a detailed base for the design process. Both the target group and the environment have been defined. By means of interviews, the facilitators are asked for their wishes concerning new furniture in LEF. A list of requirements had been made based on these wishes, the requirements of the client and the information gained in the studies and analysis. Emphasising the importance of nature and the full experience of the orangery, the idea generation started with the definition of three metaphors; campfire, lake and home on the sofa. Together with the collages on the ethos of the orangery they form the base for the sketches and clay models. The idea generation ends with the choice for a sofa shaped like a half circle. Subsequently, the entire form of the sofa has been explored by means of more sketches. Also, scenario’s have been used to define optional user situations. A study was conducted on the dimensions of currently produced furniture in order to make the design as comfortable as possible. Materials have been chosen for both the frame as the trim. The metaphors campfire and lake have been used to define the right trim. This will influence the experience the furniture will offer to the users. A scale model and presentation book have been made to accompany conversations and presentations about the design. At last, a rough cost estimation and a load simulation have been conducted. The improvements found are not incorporated in this assignment but will be mentioned in the recommendations. The LEF future center will need to address these before starting the production of the furniture design. This design could serve as the first step in the redesign of the orangery.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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