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UTRADE : Verbeteren van tweedehands handel tussen studenten van Universiteit Twente

Ruiter, M.T. de (2016) UTRADE : Verbeteren van tweedehands handel tussen studenten van Universiteit Twente.

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Abstract:A Facebook group is the current most used tool for second hand trading among student of University of Twente. It’s coming up against its limits and is only used by a selective group of students. Campus management is occupied with realisation of innovating ideas for the university campus. Their opinion is that improvement of the current second hand trading means could add a lot for both student, themselves and other affiliated supporting services of the University. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to improve second hand trade among students of the University of Twente by increasing value for all students and stakeholders. In order to achieve this goal, an iterative design process with reoccurring analysis, idea generation, design and evaluation will be used. Users and stakeholders will be closely concerned. First part of the project lays emphasis on current situation and context. Accessibility, efficiency, cost efficiency, trust & safety, experience, content, notoriety and feasibility appear to be forming the most important factors for a new system. Seven concepts arise after idea generation with and without the target group. The tests with student and stakeholder determine that a new digital platform with both trading and social functionalities would best achieve the set goal. Together with the target group and stakeholders the contents, allowed users and needed functionality are discussed and determined. The final concept is evaluated with the users and stakeholders. Reactions are mainly positive, except regarding the social component. After considering pros and cons, the social component is excluded from the design. At this point, the iterative design process appears to have little value and is exchanged with a detailing phase with strong practical character. Research toward parts of needed steps in trading processes of current means show that not the entire process is utilized. In order to facilitate the entire process, navigation, exchange without meeting and legal advice is added to the platform. A smartphone application appears to be the best and most available way to establish contact with the digital platform. Furthermore, social contact appears to impact experience significantly. Subtle nudges are therefore added in the trading process. A final system architecture provides understanding of all components. Definitive generic people from the target group and use cases are defined for evaluative purposes during the final design phase. Implementation and practical proposals are formulated to be kept in mind during realisation of the project. The result of this bachelor assignment is a design proposal for a trading platform for sales, as well as rental, services and lost and found sections. The entire trading process is supported within the system. Students are the main users, but employees and possible other parties that may add value for the students are allowed. Final design is visualised in a mock- up prototype of a mobile application, integrating all functionality from users perspective. Technical realisation can use this prototype as a highly detailed example. Essential components before launch of the platform are discussed.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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