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Aerodynamic CFD analysis on experimental airplane

Lammers, K.H. (2015) Aerodynamic CFD analysis on experimental airplane.

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Abstract:In nowadays society airplanes are a common form of transport. Airplanes are used for international transportation and also for domestic flights. But for domestic flights in general small airports are used. A lot of these small airports have strict noise restrictions and that limits the range of airplanes that can make use of these airports. So airplanes that produce small amounts of noise are required. That is the focus of the study of Cees Bil. The study is about a mid size passenger airplane with a low noise profile. In order to keep this airplane commercially attractive and with an eye on the environment, it is necessary to keep the fuel consumption as low as possible. A way to keep this consumption low is to reduce the drag of the airplane. The airplane is still in the design stage and in order to get a quick approximation of the basic aerodynamic properties of the airplane a CFD analysis has to be done, which is my assignment. Therefore this article is about a CFD analysis on an experimental airplane. The required model was already present and made in CATIA V5. The engine is modeled with help of an actuator disk. The meshing was done in ANSYS MESHING and the analysis is done in ANSYS FLUENT. Due to this analysis it is clear that the geometry of the airplane is not yet optimal in terms of drag. However the new configuration with the twin engine at the end of the fuselage in combination with the empennage seems plausible and did not introduce supersonic flow regimes or strange flow behaviour.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
RMIT University, Australia
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:CFD, aerodynamics, airplane, noise, drag, lift, Finite volume
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