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Modeling a two-phase mechanically pumped loop

Terpstra, J. (2015) Modeling a two-phase mechanically pumped loop.

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Abstract:A two phase loop is a light way to cool with high temperature stability. During this internship at the NLR a 2kW loop was designed, modeled and build. The steady state pressure drop is modeled using two different correlations for the frictional pressure drop: The Muller-Steinhagen an Heck relation and the Friedel relation. The differences between the models were small. The minor losses are of big influence of the pressure drop (about 40%) and can therefore not be neglected. The steady state heat transfer of the cooling loop is modeled using different methods for the heat transfer coeffcient in the two phase flow. The differences between the models and the uncertainties in the approximations were large. The time dependent model of the NLR is used to model the time dependent behaviour of the loop. The steady state pressure drop showed a much lower result. Some improvements are made in the model to make the model easier to use and the two used correlations for the steady state pressure drop are also implemented.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
NLR/DNW Flevoland, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Two-phase, Cooling system, mechanically pumped loop
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