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Internship Report – University California Davis

Westenberg, A.J.C. (2015) Internship Report – University California Davis.

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Abstract:Offshore wind turbines are increasing in size through the years to reduce maintenance and increase efficiency. The increasing size of wind turbines have led to an increase in loads. There are several ways to deal with this but in this research active load control is studied. Microjets were already studied by A.M. Cooperman: Wind Tunnel Testing of Microtabs and Microjets for Active Load Control of Wind Turbine Blades and M.L. Blaylock: Computational Investigation on the Application of Using Microjets as Active Aerodynamic Load Control for Wind Turbines both studies done at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This research was initially an extension on the research of A.M. Cooperman eventually to check the findings of M.L. Blaylock. The microjet system uses small pneumatic jets to change the lift coefficient of the airfoil to quickly counter act loads induced by wind gusts. At the Mechanical and Aerospace wind tunnel research facility at UC Davis a series of static tests were done with a modified S819 airfoil in an open circuit wind tunnel at a Reynolds number of 500,000 for microjet flows with a momentum coefficient up to 0.005, the change in lift coefficient is studied as a function of the angle of attack alpha. With this information the open and, in a later stadium closed loop control can be formulated. In this study it was found that there is a linear correlation between the measured momentum coefficient and the angle of attack alpha, when the supply pressure is kept constant.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
UC Davis, United States of America
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
Keywords:Load control, Wind turbine, Micro-jet
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