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Ontwerp van een zitmeubel voor het North Sea Jazz Festival

Knijn, E.M. (2016) Ontwerp van een zitmeubel voor het North Sea Jazz Festival.

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Abstract:In this report the bachelor assignment of Emma Knijn will be described. The bachelor assignment is the final project of the bachelor studies Industrial Design Engineering. The assignment will be executed independently over the time of three months. The goal of Emma’s assignment is to design a seating fitting the location, the North Sea Jazz Festival and the target group, the hipsters. The design will have to transfer a sense of comfort and luxury. It was of great importance to involve the target group with the project. The research question of project is: How can a seating be optimized so it fits the context and target group perfectly? The context, user and envisioned appearance were researched at the start of the project. Mood boards were used as a tool to help this research. The Congo Square at the North Sea Jazz Festival was picked as the context of the project. The buff and cool guy, with the beard and the tattoos, but still dressed in a neat shirt was picked as the user. Next, two people who fit this image were questioned on their vision of the perfect festival terrace. Subsequently ideas were generated that led to the production of four small mock-ups. Three members of the target group were asked to give their feedback on these mock-ups. This feedback was used to create a new idea generation. Two final concepts originated from this idea generation. Thereafter, the concepts were again showed to the members of the target group. A concept was chosen existing out of a wooden frame and a rope ladder functioning as seating and back. The sports of the rope ladder can be disconnected. Spread around the festival there will be stalls where different sports can be collected. After collecting the sports, the user can build the frame at home, using a manual. Thereafter, the strength of the frame was investigated. This investigation showed the strength of the frame was insufficient. Thus, the design of the frame was changed to ensure sufficient strength. The concept was then elaborated. A decision was made to place a permanent terrace on the Congo Square. The user can visit this terrace, see the chairs and decide to collect the sports of the rope ladder. Next to every stage there will be a stall, selling sports with the name of the river belonging to that stage and an image of this river. The user can also choose to stamp the names of the band he has visited at this stage. The collected sports can be attached to two ropes to bring the rope ladder into existence. At the end of each rope a hook will be attached, these hooks facilitate the connection between the frame and the rope ladder. These hooks also facilitate a connection between the rope ladder and two shoulder straps. A coiled rope ladder in combination with the straps will make the rope ladder easier to carry. With a help from the manual the user can construct the frame, once arrived home. After this was determined, the methods of attachment were chosen. The manual was written and a user test was conducted to determine points of improvement. Finally the research question was answered. To make sure a seating is optimized in a way it fits the context and target group it is important to analyze both carefully. It is also of importance to question the target group and keep them involved in the process. Their demands and wishes should be valued and processed in the design. Nearly all demands of this project were actualized.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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