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Impact van het 20 kV beleid van Liander op de netverliezen in het middenspanningsnet

Buitink, M.N. (2016) Impact van het 20 kV beleid van Liander op de netverliezen in het middenspanningsnet.

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Abstract:Liander is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the electricity grid and therefore they are responsible for a reliable electricity grid. A big part of Lianders grid has a 150/50/10/0.4 kV structure, especially in Noord-Holland. So the current is transported along different voltage levels. An investigation in 2007 shows that a 20 kV distribution grid is more preferable than a 50/10 kV grid. This is because of the construction costs. From this investigation the 20 kV policy originated. Now in 2015 this policy is evaluated. This paper will focus on the energy losses in the grid, due to the 20 kV policy. Energy losses are important for Liander, because it is one of their biggest costs. Also to become more sustainable energy losses should be minimized. In this paper the energy losses in the grid will be discussed. Subsequently a model will be discussed, which compares a 50/10 kV grid with a 20 kV grid. This model will be applied on the electricity grid in Anklaar. After all the assumptions in the model will be discussed. Replacement of 50 kV by 20 kV gives more energy losses, while replacement from 10 kV by 20kV gives less energy losses. This research shows that the proportion of when 50 kV and 10 kV replacements are compensated is independent of the requested power. Replacement of 50 KV by 20 kV has a bigger impact on the energy losses than replacement of 10 kV by 20 kV. This is mainly because the 10 kV grid consist of many outgoing cables and therefore divides the current over many cables. At the other hand in a 20 kV situation there are less transformers, which compensates partly the extra energy losses from the parallel cables.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Alliander, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
Keywords:Energy losses, Distribution grid
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