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Het ontwerp van een houtgestookte hottub

Hoeven, W.S. van (2016) Het ontwerp van een houtgestookte hottub.

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Abstract:The company Dealtraders sees a gap in the market for an affordable wood-fired hottub. During the design the user-experience is taken into special consideration. This experience is the feeling that the product brings about. The design of the hottub starts with an extensive analysis and results in a design that is (almost) ready for production. Firstly, existing hottubs are expounded and a survey is conducted to identify the target group and what they like and dislike. The chosen target group consists of families with whom the children still live at home or not anymore. It turns out that for the experience it is crucial that the heating-process is transparent. Therefore, the spiral heating-element is preferred. In the next step an existing hottub is tested. The main points of improvement were that the water takes too long to heat, and too much wood is used in the process. After the analysis, ideas were created in three ways. Problems that appeared in the analysis were used as a starting point for design. Also, ideas were generated from what the target group wants, based on scenarios. Lastly, since the experience plays such a key role in this project, other experience-focused products were used for inspiration –like a musical instrument and a sauna. Moving from ideas to a final concept, choices were made based on the requirements and wishes of the target group. Also, the limited duration of the project and the manufacturing restrictions had a big influence on the decisions. The final design does meet most of the requirements, however there are still some points of improvement. The price of the product is higher than intended (€3000 instead of €2000) and some parts of the design still need some attention (the cover on the tub and the chimney). At the moment of finishing the project, a sample of the wood-finish is being shipped and a sample of the spiral is being built.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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