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the WOMB : Design of an Artificial Womb to Foster Quietude and Inspire Social- and Self-Awareness

Meter, B.L.J. van (2016) the WOMB : Design of an Artificial Womb to Foster Quietude and Inspire Social- and Self-Awareness.

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Abstract:This process report describes the design and development of the Womb-a conceptual and functional product that is intended to foster quietude and inspire social and self-awareness in users. The aim of this project was to design and create a low-stimuli environment that would allow users to reflect and recharge, and conceptually remind them of their human capacity and connection to the global community. This aim was formulated based on the results of extensive field research investigating what type of experience could be meaningful to participants and to society. This research also led to the development of the Womb concept. Two prototypes of the Womb were constructed. The initial prototype was made to gather reactions to the concept and develop requirements for the second prototype. 26 people participated in usability testing of the second prototype. Participants spent ten minutes inside the womb, and then participated in a post-experience interview where they were informed of the vision behind the womb and asked about their individual experience and impressions of the Womb. An anonymous survey was conducted one week after usability testing. The majority of participants found the Womb comfortable, calming and relaxing, and had a positive reaction to the message. Four participants noted feeling motivated by the experience. Out of the three main goals that it aimed to fulfill, the womb experience was most successful in fostering quietude in users. Social and Self-awareness were inspired in less participants, but these aspects of the experience do show potential, because of how strong the reactions of participants were who experience these aspects. There are a number of applications for which the Womb could feasibly be developed further.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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