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Het ontwerpen van een waterornament voor kinderen

Timmerman, H. (2016) Het ontwerpen van een waterornament voor kinderen.

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Abstract:Velda is in the Benelux the market leader in the field of technical products for in and around the pond. They make products to improve the atmosphere of the garden as well. A market they haven’t explored yet is the market for children. This bachelor assignment is to investigate the possibilities for them to develop products for children aged 6-12 and deliver some product ideas. In the beginning, this assignment description was very broad. This meant that through analysis of the targetgroep, usage situations, usage setting, and competitive companies a smaller framework was established. Velda’s products are for in and around the pond, which was the cause to examine if this setting could provide possibilities to design a product for children. This showed that a product for children, which is used near a pond entails too much risk. With this conclusion, the next step is to see if the rest of the garden lends itself for this purpose. The garden is becoming a living space for people; the interior of the garden becomes more and more important. The desire of the contemporary garden owner is having a modern and peaceful garden where they can relax. This can be taken into account in the design of the product. During the analysis of children’s products which are used in combination with water it became clear that there are no products that suffice these characteristics. There are no products that encourage children to get in touch with nature, which have affinity with water as well. These findings resulted in the first design direction. A market Velda already serves is the market for water features. However, in this market are no ornaments for children, so that became the second design direction. To identify the skills, interests, and demands of the children, an analysis of this target group was made. This showed that the age group 7-9 year old children is the most interesting to design for. They possess enough skills to create interesting designs for and they are busy discovering the world, which means there is a lot of design freedom because this group wants to investigate everything. Initially, the choice was made to design products for an educational purpose. However, after the first sketches were made it was decided that this was not the right direction to go. Then the focus shifted to designing a product that is meant to be played with. Eventually, three product drafts were made, from which one is chosen to further develop. This draft is a puzzle ball, where water is running over it. This is a water feature which children can play with. The design consists of a sphere with seven disks, which each can be individually rotated. Each disc has six parts of a puzzle. By rotating the disk, the child can find the fitting pieces and the puzzle can be completed. Each puzzle contains an image, which is an object. Because only one of the six puzzles can be completed at a time, the child can keep on puzzling. For the parents, it is a product with a modern and serene design which makes it an object that contributes to the atmosphere of their garden. Thus, it serves not only as decoration for their garden, but provides an opportunity to be played with by their child. In this way, the interests of the two groups are combined in one product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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