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Values to be considered when implementing mHealth at a psychiatric hospital for clinical treatment.

Zoet, J.M. (2016) Values to be considered when implementing mHealth at a psychiatric hospital for clinical treatment.

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Abstract:The use of biosensor technology to monitor health conditions has led to the development of a technological intervention in the mental health care called ‘Sense-IT!’. This yet to be developed technology aims to improve emotional awareness at patients who suffer from personality disorder, specifically borderline personality disorder. Before the Sense-IT! will be implemented at a psychiatric hospital it is important to know what the therapists expect from this technology and what values they indicate as important when they are using the Sense-IT!. These arguments have led to the following research question; ‘Which needs and values are of interest according to therapists when they are going to use the yet to be developed technology in their treatment?’ To answer this question two studies have been performed. The first one is to validate the previous study (Beekes, 2014) by qualitative design and the second study expands by adding a quantitative account on the topic by a card sort technique which gains more insight at the values. Study one consisted of nine transcripts that were analyzed by the means of content analysis. Study two consisted of five therapists which were asked to perform a card sort technique. Results from study 1 showed that there are four values that have to be taken into account while implementing the Sense-IT!; awareness of feelings and emotions, Improvement of the current treatment, personalization of use and promote autonomy. Results from study 2 showed seven clusters; physiologic parameters, technical aspects Sense-IT!, needed from organization for implementing Sense-IT!, risks that can occur during implementation of the technology, target group for technology, what must the Sense-IT! improve and external characteristics and requirements of Sense-IT!. When the first study is compared with the study of Beekes (2014) results showed that 3 out of 4 values were the same. Where the first study showed important values for implementing technology the second study showed factors. When looked at the CeHRes Roadmap it can be hypothesized that study 1 focused more on the values and study 2 on the user requirements. This implies that with the same data, values and user requirements could be researched. It is recommended that the values and user requirements are taken into account during the next stage of the CeHRes Roadmap, the design stage. During this stage a prototype is designed what can be evaluated among the patients. It is also important to make sure that the values are taken into account at the different therapeutic programs. Literature showed no clear evidence on an appropriate number of respondents for executing a card sort technique, which means that further research is necessary. Finally, it is recommended to organize a meeting including an expert to talk about ethical question while using technology and to present the implementation plan for the Sense-IT!
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