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Optimization of warehouse processes & automation of packing line

Sinha, A. (2016) Optimization of warehouse processes & automation of packing line.

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Abstract:The project deals with the redesigning of the warehouse processes. The company has recently invested in automation of the warehouse by purchasing 6 Kardex Shuttle systems and barcoding. The layout of the warehouse was also redefined in order to improve all the warehouse processes to reduce lead times and labor content to benefit from the investment and redesign. The assignment deals with the end-to end flow in the warehouse which includes moving trolleys to the Kardex clusters, moving between the clusters and moving to the packing area up to packing and shipping. The incoming stream of supply was also taken into consideration. The redesign of packing process encompasses exploring the possibilities for layout improvement and automation. In order to achieve the goals of the assignment, the assignment was divided into two parts: 1. Optimization of warehouse flow and efficiency. 2. Automation of packing process. The steps in order to reach the solution for each of the two parts were: 1. Gain more knowledge about the process 2. Identify the problems in the process 3. Measure delays caused by the Identified problems 4. Find the causes to the delays 5. Find the solution to the problem and reach an optimum solution that reduces the time and improves efficiency First the processes as done in the company were identified in order to get better understanding of the system as well as the processes. During this observation were made about the problems and their causes in the processes. Once the problems were identified and a measurement of the delays caused by them was taken. Then the reasons for the delays were identified and a solution to solve the causes was given. With which we could generate solution which benefit the company with higher efficiency and reduced cycle times. In the part to automate the packing line, a number of scenarios were generated after which the best one with maximum improvement was found. Having reduced time for packing per order. Cost analysis for all the option was carried out in order to have a general idea about the investment for the scenarios and quotation for each of the machines were received from various supplier in the field. And then the best scenario with maximum time reduction and cost effective was found out. In order to improve the flow of trolleys from each cluster, within the cluster to the packing table was timed and WIP and throughput through the Kardex system were calculated. During this, process time on Kardex was found out and steps were taken to find the delays in the process. A new working method was devised such that the operator does the order picking from the system most efficiently. In order to reduce the time taken by the operators on the packing line to put back the empty trolleys a new location was found near the Kardex system such that the walking distance was reduced from 60m to 30m which also reduces the time taken by the operator to put the trolley in storage area and take a new trolley with orders. Once all the improvements were decided upon, a final layout of the packing line and Kardex system was designed.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
ASSA Abloy Nederland BV, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Optimization, Packing, Warehouse
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