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Functionalization of Poly-(ethylene glycol)- diacrylate (PEGda) with different molecular mass using Two-Photon-Polymerisation

Lith, L.D. van (2016) Functionalization of Poly-(ethylene glycol)- diacrylate (PEGda) with different molecular mass using Two-Photon-Polymerisation.

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Abstract:This work presents a parameter study of the two photon polymerization process (2PP) of Poly-(ethylene-glycol)-di-acrylate (PEGdA). Two different variant of PEGdA have been investigated PEGdA 700, and PEGdA 350, the photo-initiator (PI) that was used is the commercially available Irgacure 369. To find the optimal process parameters matrices of small structures were produced with different scanning speed and laserpower for each structure. In the experiments with PEGdA 350 no proof of polymerization were found at all. For PEGdA 700 two matrices were produced one for a mixture with a PI content of 1% wt and one for a PI content of 0,5% wt. The resulting structures were examined using SEM-images, and judged by optical inspection. As expected the quality of the structures show a direct relation to the estimated amount of energy absorbed in the 2PP process. Though the 2PP-cross section of Irgacure 369 is unknown the exact amount of energy is unknown. For a 1% wt PI content a stable 2PP results were observed for speeds up to 4 mm s-1 at a time averaged laser-power of 148 mW, indicating that even higher speeds might be achieved. For the mixture with 0.5% wt PI content stable 2PP results were observed for a speed of upto 0.56 mm s-1 with an indication that the process speed can be increased further with a significant amount.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Fraunhofer IWS, Germany
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:3D printing, Laser Materials Processing, Micro Fabrication, Two Photon Polymerization, femto second laser
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