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Gamification: De Invloed op Online Positieve Psychologie Interventies en Flow

Ransmann, R.B. (2016) Gamification: De Invloed op Online Positieve Psychologie Interventies en Flow.

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Abstract:The goal of this study is to detect whether people would make more use of online positive psychology interventions (OPPIs) when they are gamified. Also flow is being tested, because it might cause people to longer stick to the intervention. The reason to test this is that currently many people do not follow OPPIs completely, so there is a high rate of drop-out. To decrease this rate, “Gamification” and “Flow” will be investigated. With use of a between-group design the data of 72 participants were analyzed. The Dutch intervention “Dit is jouw leven” was used. There is a gamified and a non-gamified version of completely the same intervention available. Additionally, the questionnaire “Flow State Questionnaire of the Positive Psychology Lab” was used to measure flow. Mann-Whitney U tests showed that flow is significant on the gamified version but not on the plain version. So gamification increased the level of flow in this intervention. To measure the intensity that users work with on the different versions, the number of words used in the intervention and the amount of exercises that participants filled in has been counted. By use of a correlation analyses it was shown that there is a weak to moderate relation between flow and the number of words people used in the exercises. In future research it is suggested to further explore the field of flow. It can be used on many different occasions, for example at school. Furthermore, it is recommended to take a closer look at environmental factors of participants in order to detect other influences on gamification and flow.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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