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Design of amusement rides

Belt, M. van den (2016) Design of amusement rides.

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Abstract:Van Velzen Extern Engineering B.V. is a company specialized in mechanical design and structural, dynamical and fatigue analysis of dynamically loaded structures. As Van Velzen Extern Engineering (VVEE) works in close cooperation with the Intamin Group, the main focus is on the design of amusement rides for parks and special events. However, VVEE also puts its mechanical engineering experience in all other kinds of industries. During my internship, I worked on three different projects. The first project was a vibrating conveyor. I performed several manual calculations on some of the possibly critical parts of the design. This mainly included calculating stresses in plates and other parts. The second project I worked on was a recreational train. For the design of this train, the preference was given to reusing the chassis of an earlier designed train. However, the dimensions of the new train differed from the old one. Therefore, I performed Finite Element Analyses on several parts of the bogies and the chassis. Based on these calculations, a redesign was made which was then further analysed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The FEA was performed in SolidWorks. The last project was a parachute tower. For this project, several subjects were treated. First of all, an analysis was performed on the lateral deflection of the gondola during operational wind. This was done using both manual calculations and a model in MSC Adams. Since an official report of this analysis had to be drawn up, I learned to work with safety codes like the Eurocode and the Chinese national standard. Also, strength calculations on a manhole and cable hole in the tower were performed. Reinforcements were modelled in SolidWorks and an FEA was performed. Finally, flanges and bolt connections were analysed, using both FEA in SolidWorks and a literature study on German guidelines and the Eurocode. I learned to work with Mathcad, which was used for the manual calculations. The Finite Element Analyses were performed in SolidWorks so I learned to work with the simulation-part of SolidWorks as well. Furthermore, my MSC Adams skills improved and I learned working with DraftSight for 2D CAD drawings. I liked the opportunity to work on more than one project instead of having one large assignment for the entire period and I can definitely recommend Van Velzen Extern Engineering B.V. for an internship.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Van Velzen Extern Engineering B.V., the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Mechanical design, Amusement rides, Finite element analysis, Strength calculations
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