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Development of a method to compensate for non-circular pipes for cutting devices

Louter, V.M. (2016) Development of a method to compensate for non-circular pipes for cutting devices.

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Abstract:HGG produces CNC-driven cutting devices to cut pipes and profiles. When the contour of a pipe is deviated from the programmed contour, the software is not able to cut on the right places. Therefore a method is sought to compensate for unroundness by pipes. Before the right places to cut can be found, the real contour of the pipe should be known. An encoder wheel is placed on top of the pipe to measure the angular displacements. It is assumed that it rotates on the pipe without slip. The contour of the pipe will be reconstructed based on the data of the encoder and its height. In order to found the contact points between the pipe and the encoder and the support wheels, force equilibria are evaluated. The velocities of those points are used to find the pivot of the pipe. However, from a simulation in SolidWorks became clear that the force equilibria contain a mistake. Therefore an alternative method is developed. This method makes use of estimations for the angle of the contact point between the encoder and the pipe and for the location of the com. The estimations are used for the reconstruction from which new estimates are done, this is an iterative method. The reconstruction is based on the location of the measured point, the com and the pivot of the pipe. By defining their relations, the locations of the previous measured points are defined on later time steps. Interpolating between those points gives the reconstructed contour of the pipe. From the contour, the points with the right coordinates where the machine has to cut can be found. Based on the closest measured point and the data from the main drive can be determined how much the main drive has to rotate to get the places to cut in upper position. Since there is too much time consumed by seeking the error in the force equilibria, is also the alternative method still not working properly. A working method using these measurements is therefore not found.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
HGG Profiling Equipment BV, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:CNC-driven cutting devices, unroundness, contour, pipes, reconstruction
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