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Colors in Kindergarten : the effect of visual art design on mood, creativity and stereotypical differences in gender

Meyerhoff, Viviane Lee (2016) Colors in Kindergarten : the effect of visual art design on mood, creativity and stereotypical differences in gender.

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Abstract:As early childhood is the most and rapid period of development, it becomes increasingly crucial to pay particular attention to the construction of the interior environment of educational settings which ought to meet children´s needs. Especially colors are a salient and powerful factor in children's lives having a beneficial impact on the psychological condition and on the cognitive development. Feelings of comfort and safety as well as the stimulation of creativity are linked to a colorful wall design. Additionally, colors are also known to be helpful for painters as there exists a reciprocal interaction between color usage and emotion so that they are often used to express oneself. Regarding these benefits, this paper intends to explore the effects of a colourful wall design on mood and creativity. Furthermore, because color often reflects traditional gender stereotypes as a function of carrying gender-related information, gender-stereotypical color differences are of further interest. For the assessment, an experimental study design has been implemented in a German kindergarten among 40 children between an age of four to six. The participants were exposed to visual artwork called murals of the Swizz Charity Foundation ANOUK showing either a white and grey or blue-dominated mural on the wall, projected by two beamers. A mandala and an one-item-smiley questionnaire were used as measurement tools to assess the variables mood, creativity and stereotypical gender differences. Regardless their color preference and stereotypical color association, results indicated that blue rather than grey or white as the dominated color is more positive with regard to creativity for both males and females while benefits in mood were only found in girls. Finally, with regard to future research it is suggested to apply a longitudinal study that studies the impact of different hues in educational setting more deeply.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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