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Het effect van self-consciousness op het verband tussen neuroticisme en sociale veiligheid

Wilpsbäumer, S. (2016) Het effect van self-consciousness op het verband tussen neuroticisme en sociale veiligheid.

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Abstract:This study aims to examine whether the association between neuroticism and social safeness is mediated by self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is positively related to neuroticism and it is believed that it may also have a connection with social safeness. To reduce negative emotions and to increase well-being, especially in neurotic persons, further research on social safeness and the connection with other concepts is required. A sample of 80 Dutch-speaking respondents (26 men and 54 women) is used who filled out an online questionnaire to measure, amongst others, the concepts neuroticism (NEO-FFI), self-consciousness (SCS) and social safeness (SSPS). Regression analysis and mediation analysis are used to measure the relationship between the concepts. Although neurotic persons experience more self-consciousness and less social safeness, self-consciousness was not significantly related to social safeness and is therefore no mediator in the association between neuroticism and social safeness. Social anxiety, a dimension of self-consciousness, is the only one of the dimensions significantly related to social safeness. To find a way of increasing social safeness, self-consciousness is not an appropriate concept to focus on among people with high levels of neuroticism. Social anxiety through self-focused attention may well provide a focus to influence social safeness for people high in neuroticism, since there is a significant connection between these concepts. Therefore, further research regarding the influences of social anxiety on social safeness of neurotic persons is required.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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