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Gebruikerservaring van Quantified Self apps : Evaluatie van Quantified Self apps

Füchtjohann, M.F (2016) Gebruikerservaring van Quantified Self apps : Evaluatie van Quantified Self apps.

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Abstract:Aim: The aim of this study is to get an overview of users’ experiences of Quantified Self apps (research question). The increase in supply and demand of Quantified Self apps as well as the use of these apps for enhancement or maintenance of the own health gave reason for research about user’s experiences with these apps. There have been quantitative research studies about Quantified Self apps with regard to the enhancement or maintain one’s health. By doing qualitative research as well as to focus on the users’ experiences, it is possible to get new insights in this research area. This study could contribute to the improvement and optimization of Quantified Self apps by getting insight in users’ experiences. By improving Quantified Self apps, the apps become more efficient and they can contribute to the health of Dutch people. Method: In this study, 16 respondents between 14 and 64 years who make use of at least one Quantified Self app, took part in an interview. This interview dealt with the participants’ opinion about Quantified Self apps. Questions were asked about both positive and negative aspects of these apps. Furthermore, the influence of Quantified Self apps on the participant’s life was examined. The interviews were analyzed by a content analysis. Results: User’s experiences with Quantified Self apps were mainly positive. The life of the participants was influenced by the use of Quantified Self apps. On the basis of user’s experiences it was found that apps that give insight in the behavior of the participant and those that provide feedback about the behavior were rated most positive. A long-term overview of one’s behavior was important for participants. Moreover, it was found that the participants positively evaluated a clearly structured app. Participants did however report feeling that measurements taken by the app were unclear. Conclusion and discussion: Overall, participants had positive opinions about Quantified Self apps. The content of the apps well as the construction were important for participants. The users’ experiences with regard to aspects of content of Quantified Self apps were mainly positive. Insights as well as feedback on one’s behavior were important for participants and influenced their behavior. This could also have a positive impact on health. With regard to the construction of Quantified Self apps there were positive as well as negative experiences. In conclusion, clearly structured and user-friendly designs, as well as alternatives were crucial for participants.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:50 technical science in general
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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