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How identity is created in a Minikroniek

Thiel, Malte (2016) How identity is created in a Minikroniek.

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Abstract:Background: By reconstructing the past, evaluating the present and integrating the expected future people are able to form a more coherent life-story. The narrative about the self provides people with unity, purpose and meaning in life. Therefore people make sense of the self and a coherent life-story is created. Central topics in these self-defining stories are the personal constructs agency and communion. The unique application of visual narratives let people engage in contextualized communication and can hence be seen as a meaning making occasions. Life-review is a form of memory recollection and re-evaluation, which aims to connect episodic memories into a more connected whole. This study contributes to the evaluation of the course Minikroniek as a form of life-review. Objective: This study is designed to explore: How is identity created in a Minikroniek? Methods & Results: The study analyses three specific video portraits, which were created by course participants. Thereby grounded theory is used. It is focussed on indicators for narrative identity and the personal constructs agency and communion. Moreover, the application of visual narratives in the presentation of the self is investigated. The results are immensely rich in information due to the visual component. Conclusion: People engage in identity construction by creating a coherent narrative of the self. Agency and communion serve as powerful conceptual categories by supporting the retrieval process and organizing motivational content behind memories. Video as a method for data collection and production is empowering. People engage in meaning making through facilitated contextualized communication. These features serve as means for identity construction in a Minikroniek.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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