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Implementation planning in manufacturing company

Reekers, F.A.D. (2015) Implementation planning in manufacturing company.

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Abstract:The production lead time for the manufacturing company Geniczech should be reduced to meet customer demands. The lead time is reduced by observing the current working process and mainly by implementing changes in the ERP software package HELIOS Green. HELIOS Green has built in MRP and capacity planning software. Analysing the working the main errors that are discovered are: incorrect implementation of the interoperation time between operations , use of unlimited capacity planning option; incorrect use of the operation time for surface treatment operations that are outsourced and remaining of operations that are in reality already performed. The underlying problems of the errors were found. The interoperation times are changed such that they are correct for all workstations. Limited capacity planning is examined and implemented and works quite well. Remaining problems are splitting up operations and unknown priority rules for operations that compete for the same time slot. Operation times for outsourced operations should be set to zero for all orders and only be used for actual operation time. Almost all closed production orders are removed from the planning process resulting in 80 % shorter execution time in the planning process. Protocol has been introduced to prevent corruption of the capacities in the future. Many functions such as use of setup, inter-/operation time, forward/backwards planning HELIOS Green should be discarded due to incorrect functionality. The Planning table module which is considered to be purchased gives a clear overview of the daily production plan. It is recommended to postpone the decision to purchase the module until the planning process works well. It is recommended that beside further improving the planning, also the actual production procedures are improved. From observing the actual production and interoperation time it is clear that the production floor is overloaded. The production should (more) closely follow the limited capacity planning. Practise must determine if the limited capacity planning works well for Geniczech. The limited capacity planning is able to reduce the lead time and limit the WIP which will improve Geniczech’s position with the customer to deliver the manufactured products faster.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Geniczech, Czech Republic
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:ERP, Geniczech, HELIOS green, production, planning, implementation, Czech, machining, manufacturing, production management
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