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Analysis of the filtration process at a beer brewery

Rusch, Nina (2016) Analysis of the filtration process at a beer brewery.

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Abstract:The Brewing Department at Grolsch is responsible for brewing and filtering beer for their customers. During the filtration process a few problems were identified with the main problem being the inaccurate measurements of the inline instruments, thus of the alcoholic strength and the original extract. The measurement of these parameters is of importance in order to offer the customers high quality products. The filtration process process is where the flavor of the beer as well as the color is determined and stabilized. During the filtration process the beer is measured on its percentage alcohol or the original gravity (stamwort). During the filtration process of Grolsch, the Anton Paar is responsible for measuring these values. The Anton Paar measures the values every second and the operators can then calculate the amount of water to be added and can determine if the beer has to circulate longer in the filters. Sadly, the Anton Paar at Grolsch does not do its work sufficiently. At the moment, operators have to re-measure the values of alcohol and original gravity to make sure the beer has the right taste and composition. This research makes the filtration process more stable, efficient and trustworthy.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Grolsch, Enschede, The Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:58 process technology
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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