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Een literatuuronderzoek over de theoretische onderbouwing van persuasieve technologie

Vellekoop, M.T. (2016) Een literatuuronderzoek over de theoretische onderbouwing van persuasieve technologie.

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Abstract:Background: Demographical changes force the healthcare system to adapt. In this context, web-based interventions offer solutions to support the healthcare system. Although the use of persuasive technology can increase the effectiveness of web-based interventions, findings regarding the empirical effectiveness of persuasive technology show high variability. Current research is confronted with a lack of evidence regarding the working mechanisms of persuasive technology and an insufficient theoretical foundation of persuasive technology. In order to shed light on this issue, this review examines the theoretical foundation of persuasive technology. Methods: From an existing pool of papers several studies were selected by using specified selection criteria. Afterwards, studies including models of persuasive technology were analysed in terms of issues, models of persuasive technologies and the theoretical foundation the models are based on. Eventually, the extracted issues and models were categorized and compared. Results: In total, twelve sources were selected and examined. Most of the issues from the papers were divided into the three categories. Furthermore, twelve models of persuasive technology were found, divided by their field of application and matched up by their content. Analyzing the theoretical foundation of the selected models, reveals that most of the theories and models were based on classical behavior change and social science theories. In addition, models were found making only partially respectively no use of a theoretical foundation. Conclusion: This study reveals that an insufficient theoretical foundation is only one possible starting point to better fund persuasive technology. The found models differ in terms of their field of application, and also within the different areas of application the models are very divers. In order to generate a more solid basis for models of persuasive technology three possible approaches to tackle this issue are presented. First of all, future research could further examine existing models of persuasive technology. Secondly, persuasive technology models can be matched up with each other and with classical behavior changes theories. Thirdly, future studies could develop new persuasive models, which also might be the most reasonable approach.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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