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Verbetering van pakketbezorging

Knijn, L. (2016) Verbetering van pakketbezorging.

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Abstract:A few problems are persistent in e-commerce and the parcel delivery industry. The biggest problem is that delivery men aren’t able to deliver 25% of the parcels they bring each day because customers are not at home at the time of delivery. The delivery companies in the Netherlands are trying to improve the efficiency of parcel deliveries. One of their solutions is offering delivery options for free, such as choosing a delivery time and date. However, only 15% of webshops offers the delivery options to their customers. Research shows that one of the biggest reasons for this is that webshop owners are not aware of the advantages of delivery options: 80% of webshops shows a measurable improvement in sales after implementing delivery options in their webshop. Usually, webshop owners spend more their time on managing orders and not necessarily improving their website. Also, research shows that the offered delivery options are hard to implement in webshops for many webshop owners. Furthermore, managing orders becomes increasingly complex for some webshops if customers choose delivery options, because many webshops enter the data of customers manually into a system that creates a delivery label. This report describes a proposal for a company or service called PP. PP ensures that more webshops use the offered delivery options. This will give more customers access to delivery options so customers can pick a delivery date and time when they know they will be at home. This in turn will improve the efficiency of parcel delivery. A lot of webshops want cheap parcel deliveries. PP asks the existing delivery companies for bulk discount and combines the parcels of its clients, the webshops. This way, webshops are able to get more discount on their parcels compared to asking for discount with the delivery company directly. Webshops have to use a PP check-out in exchange for these cheap parcel deliveries. The lay-out of the check-out is completely adjustable, only the logo of PP will show. Because of this check-out, customers just need one account for all the webshops that use PP. Research shows that they want this. Also, customers are always able to pick a delivery location, date or time in the check-out. The advantages of this check-out are that customers don’t have to enter their data on every webshop and they have control over the delivery of their parcel. Webshops that don’t want to use the discount of PP can still use the check-out. This check-out is linked to order management software or the software that webshops use to simplify managing orders. With this software, webshops spend 80% less time on managing orders. Besides this, PP will offer customers an interface in which they can see an overview of their orders and deliveries (on a website or mobile application). The status of the delivery of their parcel will be shown automatically and customers can choose if, and how, they want to be notified of the progress of the delivery, such as via SMS or e-mail. Furthermore, this reports describes a recommendation for the delivery companies: ensure accurate parcel tracking and ensure the possibility for customers to alter the delivery of their parcel before the first delivery attempt. Competitors from the United Kingdom show this is possible. When the Dutch delivery companies make this possible too, PP will ensure that clients van use their PP account and app to adjust the delivery of their parcels in one overview.
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Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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