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Designing a service manual for the Le Triple Basic of Sowecare

Groenendal, V.C.J. van den (2016) Designing a service manual for the Le Triple Basic of Sowecare.

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Abstract:As manufacturer of innovative rehabilitation devices, Sowecare strives for complete documentation of all their products. They would like to have a service manual and manufacturing manual of all their products. With the service manual they can provide the dealer’s mechanics with repairing and adjusting information. The manufacturing manual will provide Sowecare B.V.’s assemblers with assembling information of the products of Sowecare B.V. Both manuals are developed for the LeTriple Basic, the “pedal” chair of Sowecare. Next to that, a dealer presentation, which will be used for the (future) trainings for dealers is made. A service overview that shows which parts should be send per service is included. Last but not least, the example manual is created to instruct the next person who will make the manuals for the other chairs. First, the manuals are developed. To gather know- ledge about maintenance and services in general, research about maintenance concepts, policies and risk analysis is done. This research is related to the LeTriple Basic to see which concepts and policies are applicable. Maintainability and reliability are taken into account. The rules described in the book “Design for maintenance” are explained for the LeTriple Basic. The failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) analyses the failure modes of the LeTriple Basic. To get knowledge of the information that should be added to the manuals the assembly of the LeTriple Basic is closely watched. Notes were taken and with that the content of the manufacturing manuals is made. The services that should be included to the service manual are based on the possible options and the services overview. To create understandable manuals, the target groups of the different mauals are analysed. The text and outlook are adapted to users of the manuals. As a result of the research, the manuals were developed. Also the dealer presentation and services overview were set up. The service manual, service overview and manufacturing manual meet all criteria and are now ready for use. The dealer presentation must be updated when the other manuals are ready, after that the presentation can be used. Using the manufacturing manual will allow all the assemblers to assemble the LeTriple Basic. Moreover, it will create consistency, so all the chairs are assembled exactly the same. The service manual provides the dealers with the right information about which services they may carry out and how. Moreover, there is no need of calls or emails to explain the instructions or sending a complete chair back. This will save time and money. In addition, carrying out good services will also increase the user satisfaction.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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