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The Effectiveness of Recruitment Sources in Attracting Qualified Job Candidates

Flecke, Lena Katharina (2016) The Effectiveness of Recruitment Sources in Attracting Qualified Job Candidates.

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Abstract:There are numerous types of recruitment sources which are utilized by organizations to attract qualified applicants. For instance, online job portals, newspapers, corporate websites, social networking sites or referrals represent some of them. However, it has been stressed by various authors in the field of Human Resource Management that these recruitment sources differ in their effectiveness to generate qualified job candidates. The recruitment agency, being subject to this research, receives numerous applications per day, and still faces difficulties to with regard to targeting and attracting qualified job candidates. Thus, this research elaborates on the differentiating characteristics of recruitment sources in place (i.e. Facebook, job portals, newspapers, job centers, referrals, and the corporate website) and compares them on basis of their quality and efficiency in generating qualified applicants. 250 applicants of the corporate database were emailed an online questionnaire, out of which 60 filled in the survey, and were asked about the individual characteristics of the recruitment source via which they applied, as well as about their own capabilities to do the job they applied for. The characteristics of recruitment sources to be compared have been defined as amount of information within a recruitment source, as well as its informativeness and specificity. On the other hand, the “output” by recruitment sources in terms of applicant qualifications was considered. Person-job fit, person-organization fit and occupational experience were used as indicators for a job candidate’s qualifications. It turns out that only the amount of information within a recruitment source seems to have an effect on applicant qualifications. Additionally, the combined effect of amount of information, informativeness and specificity impacts the overall quality of applicants in terms of all P-O fit, P-J fit and occupational experience. Considering the recruitment sources which the recruitment agency has in place, a relationship between the individual source and qualifications of applicants could not be significantly detected, as some sources were not sufficiently frequently named by applicants. Still, the general findings may help the recruitment agency to adjust their recruitment channels in a way that they become capable of further influencing applicant quality and targeting qualified applicants more specifically.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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