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Further Validation of The Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales (TCEAS)

Kleissen, Y.M. (2016) Further Validation of The Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales (TCEAS).

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Abstract:Objectives: There is increasing evidence that developing compassion improves mental health. Recently, Gilbert and colleagues created The Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales (TCEAS) in order to measure compassion from a new theoretical perspective. These scales measure compassion for self, compassion to others and compassion for others. The scales aid in assessing the precise value of compassion for mental health, and in identifying relations between these three directions in which compassion flows. The current study aims to further validate the TCEAS by assessing its reliability, factor structure and external validity. Design: This is a cross-sectional study in the Dutch general public. Correlations were computed and the factor structure was assessed through confirmatory factor analyses. Methods: Participants (n = 195) completed measures of compassion (TCEAS), self-compassion (SCS), positive mental health (MHC - SF), psychological complaints (HADS) and affect (mDES). Results: Reliability of the TCEAS is good to excellent (Cronbach’s α .83 - .90). Compassion for self, compassion to others and compassion from others intercorrelated weakly to modestly. Compassion for self correlated weakly to modestly to positive mental health, psychological complaints and positive affect. Compassion to others had no relation to any of these constructs. Compassion from others correlated weakly to positive mental health and psychological complaints. The factor structure of the scales was not confirmed. This may be partly due to the limited sample size and partly due to the fact that the model was underidentified and could not be tested fully in structural equation modeling. Conclusions: The TCEAS are a reliable and valid measure of three flows of compassion, as long as total scale scores are used in group- level research. The factor structure could be further investigated. Of the three flows of compassion, compassion for self has strongest links to indicators of mental health. This element may therefore be first the focus of clinical interventions.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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