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Ontwikkelen van een interface voor de X-Care

Huijink, S.J.H. (2016) Ontwikkelen van een interface voor de X-Care.

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Abstract:The X-Carve is an open-source 3-axis CNC-mill produced by the company Inventables. The University purchased the X-Carve as a tool for student to easily produce visual models of their projects. The targetgroup of Inventables is primarily hobbyists who want an affordable milling machine to engrave or cut out models. It is required to have some knowledge about how a CNC-machine works to be able to control the X-Carve. Most students do not possess this knowledge and thus do not know how to control it or what it does when they got it started. Another bachelor assignment is being done to develop a manual of the machine to teach students how they can use the X-Carve. This project is focussed on developing an interface to show students what the X-Carve does while milling. To achieve this there has been extensive analysis of the X-Carve, CAD-applications and the use of CAD-modelling in the curriculum. From this analysis demands and functions for the interface where produced. Based on these demands and functions the interface was build. The interface that was build can read numerical code called G-Code and visualise it to lines in a 3D environment. It can also visualise how the mill-head would move over these lines. This could be further developed to create communication between the interface and the X-Carve so the the interface can give a more reliable visualisation of the exact movement of the X-Carve. On the basis of this interface there is also the possibility of some future projects. The interface can be enhanced to become a control system that could correct the deviation the X-Carve makes. He could even be further enhanced to interpret al the g-code and be able to send it to the X-Carve and so becoming the controller of the X-Carve. The final future project is developing the interface with an Augmented Reality feature that can project the g-code in the real world via a camera and tablet.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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