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Ontwerp van een elektrische handverwarmer

Brugge, L. ter (2016) Ontwerp van een elektrische handverwarmer.

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Abstract:In this paper the design process of an electric heater for the hands will be discussed. This heater will be designed for people in a power wheelchair. There are several existing kinds of hand heaters, but nothing really suiting this specific target group. The target group in this case has little muscle functionality in the arms, hands and fingers. Currently there is a product on the market that is used commonly among people with a muscle disorder. This product works with convection and hot air is distributed form one point to the areas around it. Therefore the heat is not constant and the user risks burning their fingers when getting to close to the heating element. The new design strives to have a better distribution of heat by heating the hand in two ways. The hand will be heated directly from beneath and will also be heated by warming the blood that’s led to the hand. The product will be easily adjustable by having three settings. The settings can be personalized by changing the warmth that´s appointed to this setting. The settings are necessary for the user to keep te hands on a comfortable temperature with very cold or warmer temperatures. the user can choose to use the product for one or two arms.By making the product this flexible a great group of people can make use of the product. From testing we concluded that the hands get warmer, muscles get more flexible and hands are less wet, with as result that the wheelchair is much more usable. Without burning your hands.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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