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Ontwerp van een game concept op basis van een onderzoek naar de verleiding van game applicaties

Beijen, J. (2016) Ontwerp van een game concept op basis van een onderzoek naar de verleiding van game applicaties.

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Abstract:This Bachelor Thesis describes the design process of a game application concept based upon research into the persuasive elements of games for online players. The company, Maarten Vazquez is interested in the game industry and would like to develop a game that would benefit their growth strategy and broaden their business. Maarten Vazquez is an advertisement company that already has contacts in the IT world but has the challenge to have more expertise in the game industry. Research had to be done to gain more insight. One of the key assets of Maarten Vazquez is their strength as an advertising company in graphic design and this could be capitalised upon to create attractive game applications The wish is to develop a game application where players bet against each other in a competitive way on smartphones in short and frequent sessions. Research has been done in order to address the target group of 18 to 35 year olds. This target group is able to make in-app purchases and they have the time and money to spend on applications. The main focus of the research is on the persuasive elements of game design to draw players back to the game frequently. These elements can be categorised into three parts: 1. Mechanics - describe the working of the game and the rules that complement the game. 2. Dynamics - make sure that the user has the right interaction in order to ensure the best possible input and output. 3. Aesthetics - make sure that the application fits the target group. It makes the player feel good and confident whilst playing the game. These elements are explained and mapped in the research part of the Thesis. During the research, ideas started to develop for the mechanics of the game. These ideas possess an element of chance and competition. Paper prototypes are made to test the target group to receive thorough feedback on the ideas. Subsequently, a physical prototype will be developed to design the game together with possible users in co-design sessions. These sessions will ensure that the users have an influence on the design process and the final result. The rules and game elements made up in the co-design sessions will be processed into the final design. The best idea from the mechanics has been chosen. For this idea a choice of three types of dynamics and three types of aesthetics will be developed. Themes and stories will be linked to illustrate what the application could look and feel like. These ideas will be presented to Maarten Vazquez with the request for feedback on research and work done. At this time, a final choice has to be made regarding the dynamics and aesthetics. A final concept will be designed based upon research, the chosen concept of mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics in co-operation with co-designers. Creative thinking is key whilst implementing all of the elements. The aim of the final concept is to establish a successful online multiplayer game with the focus on participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The Business and Reality theme game is based upon chance and will allow players to have an influence on the game by making deicisons based upon strategic business skills and will give the player an opportunity to gain financially by betting against other players. Players can collect different start-ups and grow them during the gameplay. By collecting businesses, players get the feeling that they are in control of the game. The game makes people negotiate and gives them the opportunity to work together. With a final concept, Maarten Vazquez is able to develop a game application together with the developers assigned to this subject. More research is needed on the different aspects of the application in order to bring the application to the market. It is still a concept and is therefore not ready to be brought onto the market in the coming year. This Thesis gives Maarten Vazquez a guideline for developing a successful application for the right target group.
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