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Exploring the Explore Page : redesigning through reflective transformative design process

Bloemberg, M.A. (2016) Exploring the Explore Page : redesigning through reflective transformative design process.

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Abstract:Exploring the Explore page is a concept that improves the search for tools for all Creatlr users. This concept is a result of extensive research and experiments following the reflective transformative design process. The concept is an improvement of the already existing Explore page of Creatlr. This page is designed to inform and guide users to the tools that would fit their workflow. Nevertheless, many new and inexperienced users from the University of Twente have struggled with finding tools that would benefit their projects. In addition, the users were not convinced of the added value and advantageous options of Creatlr’s products and services. In other words, students and staff pointed out Creatlr’s bottleneck; the Explore page’s effectiveness. Following the Lean UX Methodology, user experience gets improved gradually by addressing the bottlenecks and improve them to the next bottleneck’s level. (Gothelf, March 7th 2011) By this way, the overall user experience will be increased continuously. This project highlights multiple aspects. First of all, Creatlr’s tools and platform are used extensively, examined and mapped in order to get a better understanding of Creatlr. Besides this, the DesignLab’s vision, students, staff, and backgrounds are investigated. Thereafter, target group experiments are designed and executed in order to find out what had to be improved for optimal use. All these aspects of research, experimenting and designing are executed and achieved according to the reflective transformative design process. This design approach is based on an iterative process that results from multiple experiments and reflections. (Hummels and Frens, 4-9 April, 2009) The design choices are made on the basis of experimental knowledge. The quality of the design is created by the principle of design by doing. The result of the design process is the Intake window on the Explore page. This Intake is the result of many iterations and experimental knowledge. The Intake helps users to find the right tools that fit their projects and goals easier and more effectively. Users get a portfolio of workshops on the basis of their answers to five questions. These questions are designed to figure out users’ situation and focus. The questions can be answered in a dynamic way by moving bullets in a radar plot and filling bars. With this dynamic design, users can easily reflect and weight their project priorities and focus. The portfolio will be selected based on the combination of the Intake results. This portfolio consists of five tools with one workshop located in the middle of the screen. This centrally situated tool can most of the times be used in combination with several other tools. The strength of the Intake is that it also suggests follow-up tools after using one of the workshops. After finishing the Intake, the values of the answers still can be changed; at the top of the portfolio window. At that spot, users can adjust the values of the answers given during the Intake and directly see the impact of these changes. This has the advantage users are not tied into their first perceptions. The prototype of the Intake page is developed on the basis of iterations and reflections. Unfortunately, for the time being, I was not able to make it fully working and branded. The concept can still be improved and requires extended research before developing an associated database and a concept that can be tested and launched. Nevertheless, this project resulted in identifying Creatlr’s major bottleneck from the target groups’ perspectives. The key to improvement of the platform is made clear via recommendations on the basis of the reflective transformative design process.
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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