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Ophangsysteem soundabsorber. Het ontwerpen van een ophangsysteem voor en het detailleren van een soundabsorber

Masselink, T.C. (2016) Ophangsysteem soundabsorber. Het ontwerpen van een ophangsysteem voor en het detailleren van een soundabsorber.

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Abstract:During this bachelor assignment a hanging system for a soundabsorber at Maars Partition Systems BV. has been developed. A soundabsorber is big flat box that absorbs soundwaves and mutes them. This reduces the reverberation in an area, or takes away unwanted frequencies. Besides designing a hanging system for the absorber, other parts concerning the absorber had to be elaborated. For example the profile in the absorber had to be adjusted to function better, a supplier of wooden panels that met the requirements of Maars had to be found, and a standard for the absorber had to be designed. At first the products on the current market were investigated. This market was narrowed down to products that can hang heavy objects onto a wall. Besides the market investigation there was also an investigation being done to find out the restrictions of the partition systems at Maars. It was clear fairly early on in the investigation that it was nearly impossible to create a universal hanging system that would be able to hang an object on every type of wall. During this first phase, the other points of the absorber that needed to be improved or designed were also analyzed. All the suppliers of wooden panels in The Netherlands were compared. An investigation was done on how the profile inside the absorber was made and what could be done to let this profile function better. To get inspiration for the possible design of the standard of the sound-absorber, sound-absorbers from other companies were studied and compared. From this analysis a program of requirements was developed. Next, a morphological schedule has been made for the hanging system of the absorber. Because of the esthetic aspect it was decided that the absorber should adjust to the functions, and not the other way around. This then became the fundamental idea and the starting point to find a solution for the hanging system that had to be designed. The problem faced was divided into sub-problems, and different solutions for these sub-problems were created. All these solutions were merged into one big schedule. From this schedule, two concepts were derived, one of which contained the most solid solutions while the other one included the solutions that needed the least adjustments of the partition wall and the absorber. Also, improvements had been made to the profile inside the absorber that would improve its functionality. For the design of the standard, one concept had been made, because this part was less important compared to the hanging system. The design of the standard has been developed through the assignment and also had been adjusted after feedback had been retrieved After this a final concept has been made. This final concept is a combination of the two previous ones, because they both have strong and weak points and they complement each other. Next, several tests have been executed to fine-tune the design as much as possible. Also the new profile inside the absorber has been tested. After both tests the designs were adjusted. During the whole assignment there has been contact with suppliers of perforated wooden panels. A suitable supplier was found, although it can be concluded that it is not possible to fully meet the requirements for the wooden panel that Maars desires. Therefore some concessions will have to be made when a choice is made for the best suitable panel. After the design process, the technical drawings of all the parts are included. Also a guide for the mechanic to install the hanging system has been made, as well as a work preparation for the factory employees and a cost indication of the product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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