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Ophangsysteem voor kunst

Vissers, J.M. (2016) Ophangsysteem voor kunst.

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Abstract:This report covers the bachelor assignment of Industrieel Ontwerpen. The bachelor assignment is the last step of the bachelor. In this case the assignment consisted of finding a way to display artworks without using existing walls. This report describes the process and the result. The assignment is commissioned by HeArtpool. The opening of a new art gallery in Hengelo has led to the bachelor assignment. Guidance within HeArtpool has been provided by J. Noltes. Guidance from Universiteit Twente has been provided by J. Beeloo. HeArtpool wants to make art accessible for everyone. Besides the public, members of HeArtpool and the artists play a significant role. To create a system that fits both the artists and the memebers of HeArtpool conversations have been held with both groups. These conversations have led to a number of requirements. Alongside the conversations a market research has been conducted. This research focused on products intended for art and products that are not directly intended for art. Current products for displaying art range from temporary walls to suspending artworks using a rail. Additionally a number of known galleries and museums have been examined to give some insight. Ideas have been made based on the acquired information and insights. These ideas merged into five concepts. Out of the concepts the best fitting concept was chosen. This concept made use of a freestanding modular system. The system consist of a couple different components. Magnets are used to attach the artworks to the system. These magnets can be placed on the front and the back of the system. Different attachments for the magnets make it possible to hang a large range of artworks. The concept is worked out in more detail using subproblems. During this the solutions that fit the briefing and the overall picture the best have been chosen. The result is a modular wall that is one meter long, 0,66 meter width and 2,31 meter high. The system contains a one meter long and 1,60 meter high surface on the front and the back to hang the artworks. Artworks are hanged with the aid of magnets. The system consists of a couple different parts. - A base that provides stability. - A frame consisting of four beams. - Two metal panels that can be slid in the frame. - A connecting piece that connects multiple walls. - A part that makes it possible to use external lights. A three dimensional model is made in the modeling program Solidworks. In addition a rough estimate of the costs is made. Finally the process is evaluated and recommendations are given.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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