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NI myRIO as target for 20-sim

Grefte, L.J.L. (2016) NI myRIO as target for 20-sim.

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Abstract:The National Instruments (NI) myRIO is an embedded hardware device to be programmed with NI Labview. The goal of this project is to generate C code for the NI myRIO from 20-sim and to be able to control it via 20-sim 4C. Next to this, performance of the NI myRIO being programmed via Labview and 20-sim is compared. A built Lego car is programmed, and certain performance tests are done. The project did succeed and the NI myRIO could be programmed with 20-sim 4C. To accomplish this, the xmlrpc deamon and discovery deamon of Controllab needed to be compiled for the NImyRIO. These programs make the NImyRIO compatible for 20-sim 4C. Further the NI C support of the NI myRIO needed to be used, in collaboration with the 20-sim 4C program. The most important file which is made that accomplishes this is the so called target configuration file. This describes everything 20-sim 4C needs to know about the NI myRIO to run a 20-sim model on the NI myRIO. In the target configuration file also other files are specified, such as a tokenparser, C support files and the compiler. After the NI myRIO could run 20-sim models, some test are done and compared to Labview to see its performance. As mentioned, a Lego car is programmed by Labview and 20-sim. The result was that both performed pretty well, and not really a noticeable difference has been seen in the performance. There is of course difference in making the models on both platforms. To see any differences a closer look is done at setting the digital registers of the NI myRIO by 20- sim 4C and Labview, to see performance differences. The resultwas that 20-sim4C isway faster in setting a digital registers then Labview. Some improvements that could be made are making the C code faster which translates 20-sim 4C commands, to the NI myRIO. Although the C code is made to be fast. Further a feature to set digital pins at the same time as in Labview could be an improvement in certain situations where timing between certain pins are critical. In 20-sim 4C it is possible to show how much CPU time is used currently by the processor. This feature is not implemented and is thus also an improvement. But after all, the results and performance of the NI myRIO are quite good. Further due the included FPGA, in combinationwith the support for 20-sim 4C aswell as LabviewtheNI myRIO did become a quite customizable and versatile hardware device. This is because the FPGA of the NI myRIO can be easily changed by the FPGA Labview module, and from that it is possible tomake the C support for 20-sim 4C.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Electrical Engineering BSc (56953)
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