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Assessing and Comparing the Quality of Wound Centres

Pruim, L. (2016) Assessing and Comparing the Quality of Wound Centres.

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Abstract:Multidisciplinary wound centres are currently facing an increase in both the incidence of wounds and the complexity of care. This has resulted in rising healthcare costs and an increase in ineffective treatments. Little evidence is available regarding optimal wound centre organization and effectiveness; thereby, measuring the quality of wound centres has become more important. This study aims to assess the evidence concerning quality by describing the state of the art of wound centres and organizational effectiveness, by developing indicators of quality and by assessing their suitability in a pilot study. A multi-method approach was used: the literature review performed resulted in the development of an indicator list subjected to expert review, and a benchmark study was completed comparing eight wound centres in the Netherlands. We provide a description of the relevant state-of-the-art aspects of wound centre organisation, which were multidisciplinary collaborations and standardization of the organization of care. Significant effectiveness was observed in improved healing rates and decreased costs. Forty-eight indicators were developed. The indicator list was tested by a benchmark study; however, outcome indicators were difficult to identify. Six indicators regarding structure, three regarding process, and five regarding outcome were identified, to measure and improve quality of wound centres.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine, 85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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