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E-HUB : the charging station of the future : researching the system of E-Hub & developing a user interface for the charging infrastructure

Ang, J.R.E.L. (2016) E-HUB : the charging station of the future : researching the system of E-Hub & developing a user interface for the charging infrastructure.

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Abstract:The E-Hub is aimed at being ‘the charging station of the future’. The uptake of electric vehicle is slowly increasing, but the perception of the technology is hesitant by the general public. One of the reasons is due to the lack of charging infrastructures and also the change of lifestyle which comes with owning an electric vehicle. The conceptual development of the E-Hub is worked on by a group of students. This multidisciplinary team work on different aspects of the E-Hub and together try and make the concept of the E-Hub more concrete. The bachelor assignment focusses on researching the system of the E-Hub and developing the user interface for the charging infrastructure. The design process started with an analyses phase. Firstly, the challenges belonging to the E-Hub are investigated. Secondly, the target group is looked into and defined. Thirdly, a market research is conducted to analyse and try and understand how the current market players decided to handle the challenge. An overview of the current market player’s interface is created to bring clarity into their system. With the analyses complete, a scenario is created to enable the reader to envision the current situation, as well as stating the vision of the E-Hub to not lose sight of the goal during the development. The analyses is further used to create a design brief and define the requirements of the E-Hub. The system of the E-Hub is yet to be defined. The different components belonging to the E-Hub are researched and looked at individually to discern how each component is functions in society. A data chart is created to further illustrate what each component requires from the other. After which architectures can be made by varying the positioning and interaction between the components to give each a distinctive characteristic. A comparison is made between two architectures and flowcharts to determine which is best suited for the E-Hub. The following process is to research which components are in need of a user interface design. The functions that the user needs to undertake with each component and the data that the user wants from the components are investigated. By combining the two it is possible to see which user interfaces could be developed for each of the components. The real goal of the bachelor assignment is to develop the user interface of the charging infrastructure. The charging infrastructure and the choices made earlier are looked into. Ideas are developed and three concepts are chosen. The chosen concept is then further developed in more detail. A flowchart of the interaction between the user and the charging infrastructure is created. A prototype is developed according to the flowchart. The result of the bachelor assignment is a research of the E-Hub system, a final design of the charging infrastructure and a prototype to illustrate the usage.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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