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De geboorte van Cucu : het herontwerpen van een koekoeksklok tot een interactief product

Uilkema, R. (2016) De geboorte van Cucu : het herontwerpen van een koekoeksklok tot een interactief product.

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Abstract:Clocks are everywhere; yet, they look a lot like each other and are rather boring objects. No innovation has been implemented in clocks and they aren’t able to interact with their users either. A traditional cuckoo clock has a unique aspect; it is not a passive artefact like an ordinary wall clock. Instead, it sends information about the time. By making noises periodically, one knows without looking what time it is; an interesting quality. The goal of Cucu is to bring a smile on ones face. This is made possible due to the changeability of Cucu. It is possible to change the ‘cuckoo’ of the clock and set different sounds using the Cucu-application. Furthermore, Cucu provides a way of synchronizing ones digital agenda with Cucu. By setting up configurable alerts, Cucu can guide the user in time management. This report describes the design of Cucu. After an analysis phase was conducted, several designs were made. Thereafter, one concept was chosen as a foundation for Cucu. Cucu adopted its form and functionalities based on a detailing phase. These fulfil the demands and wishes of the client and suit the needs of the target audience. A prototype was built to gain a good comprehension of the actual size of Cucu and to find potential flaws in the design. Finally, the possibilities for production were selected. The final result met all the given requirements and wishes of the client and in combination with favourable costings, consequently the client decided to launch Cucu on the crowdfunding website ‘Kickstarter’. Before Cucu can actually be launched, there still is much to be done. Therefore a number of recommendations have been given by the designer.However, the opinion of people about what is considered to be appealing, is subjective and changes with time. Cuckoo clocks seem to lag behind here and so the thought arose to design a new yet unique cuckoo clock: Cucu.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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