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TAP 21 : the design of a purifying water system that convinces the East African citizens to use it

Fij, T.D. (2016) TAP 21 : the design of a purifying water system that convinces the East African citizens to use it.

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Abstract:The client Susteq is a Social Enterprise that focusses on the devellopment of prepaid water systems for developping countries. Susteq believes that everyone has the right to reliable, clean and healthy drinking water. To achieve this goal, Susteq places sustainable water points in combination with local NGO’s (non-governmental organization). At the moment their main focus is on placing systems in East Africa, approxamitely Kenya and Tanzania. The water availabilities in these countries is very unreliable and the water quality and level of contamination differs a lot. To actually supply every inhabitant of affordable and safe drinkwater, Susteq started with the development of Tap 21. Tap 21 is a tap point that combines the payment system with the proper purification system. This Bachelor Assignment is a part of this development. The assignment will be focused on the user interaction with the system and on the optimalization of the design according to the wishes and needs of the local citizens. The assignment started with a research to the users, the environment and the already available water purification systems. To acquire the best understandings of the users, their behaviour and the environment interviews took place with local NGO’s. These analysis resulted in three different idea directions that have been researched in the field. The first direction is Education, the second is Marketing related, and the last one is focussed on a luxury appearance. Subsequently, a research plan has been made. The research is aimed to test the functionality of the three idea directions. The research has been done at four different already existing water projects. First observations of these locations and the water points have been done. Afterwards different interviews have been done with the users and shopowners. Furthermore meetings took place with different projectleaders and with the director of one of the companies (Purefresh). The outcomes of this field research resulted in a lot of new understandings and finally in a design for a water point (tap 21) which will be placed together with schools in East Africa. The main reason for placing the water points at schools is to let the children get used to a new habit, drinking clean healthy water. The waterpoint should have a luxury appearance and a powerful brand is required to gain the trust of the local citizens. Style items have been designed for the waterpoint to create this powerful brand. These items will provide the water point with recognition and reliability for the user. In the future it is important that a test point of this design will be placed in the field to discover how this design can be improved.
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Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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