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Innovation partnership, the new procurement procedure; when and how?

Goudt, Roland (2016) Innovation partnership, the new procurement procedure; when and how?

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Abstract:In this paper the use of the new innovation partnership procedure will be discussed. This new public procurement procedure has recently become available in the Netherlands. The formal description of the new innovation partnership procedure leaves room for interpretation. This paper finds out when the innovation partnership could be used and how it could be used. The ‘when’ question analysis is done by comparing (dis)advantages and properties of the procedure with other relevant procedures and the ‘how’ question by analyzing factors and variables that may vary in the use of this procedure as for example the procurement capabilities of the procuring organization. Even though only a small difference exists between the innovation partnership procedure instead of similar procedures like the competitive dialogue and the competitive procedure with negotiation as well as the pre-commercial procurement, there are situations in which innovation partnership is a better option than the other procedures. It also finds that in using the procedure there are various factors that might aid or hinder the successfulness of the procedure. The paper can be used by both the procuring side and the supplying side in the sense that it gives a guide on the use of the procedure.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Management Society and Technology BSc (56654)
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