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Decision support system to support construction method selection for fiber optic networks

Slöetjes, Rob (2016) Decision support system to support construction method selection for fiber optic networks.

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Abstract:In past years, large investments have been made in optic fiber network construction in Europe. To keep the efficiency high, the contractor needs to select suitable construction methods for each project. For the selection of construction methods, empirical knowledge gained by the contractor in urban areas can be applied. This research presents a knowledge based Decision Support System (DSS) that supports the contractor in choosing a suited construction method. To this end, the researcher first explicated the knowledge used in the process of fiber optic construction method selection. This was done by capturing typical descriptions of site conditions in fiber optic projects, and subsequently, by presenting this to experienced contractors. Based on this process, a decision tree was developed that captures the selection process in schematic language. The decision tree was implemented in a DSS. The decision tree and DSS have been verified and validated by static verification, cross-referencing, empirical testing and inspection. Three experts that did not participate in the interviews performed the inspection and empirical testing. The presented prototype of a knowledge based DSS is an addition to literature, since no DSS has been tailored to support fiber optics construction method selection before. Moreover, the existing DSS for utility construction are not based on qualitative expert-based knowledge but use quantitative databases and models to support in construction method selection. In practice, the DSS could contribute to a more conscious and analytical selection process for a construction method in urban areas. It also sparks the debate about the suited construction methods for rural areas – where fiber optics have not yet been installed on a large scale.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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