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Transport accounting management in a multi-access technologies environment

Min, Volker J.T. (2003) Transport accounting management in a multi-access technologies environment.

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Abstract:The development of wireless network technologies shows a strong trend towards data transport instead of regular voice communications, with UMTS and IEEE 802.11x (WLAN) as typical examples. The aim of ongoing current research is even to combine those different wireless technologies in order to create an integral platform of service to the subscribers. At the same time, Content Providers that offer Value Added Services intend to make use of the mobility of their clientele. The subscriber mobility across multiple domains with different wireless technologies induces a considerable complexity upon the accounting management. This thesis proposes the use of a Broker party to completely manage the subscribers’ content and transport component sessions, as well as to manage all the accounting information of those sub-contracting content and transport providers. The focus lies on the accounting management, but the proposed architecture requires that accounting identifiers from the Broker are distributed within the session component setup requests. These identifiers are included in the accounting records and allow the Broker to combine the transport component accounting information with the content component accounting information, without taking notice of which wireless technology was used. Current accounting systems of UMTS and WLAN are investigated, as well as three accounting information exchange protocols. Additions to the UMTS and WLAN networks are described that facilitate multi-domain accounting support. The goal is to change as little as possible of the current network architectures for friendly adoption.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:55 traffic technology, transport technology
Programme:Internet Science and Technology MSc (60032)
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