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Redesign on scene control : A redesign for managing luminaires in luxon dynamic light control

Kuipers, M. (2017) Redesign on scene control : A redesign for managing luminaires in luxon dynamic light control.

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Abstract:If you own a large public or industrial building and want to save money, Luxon dynamic light control is a great product for you. It is a smart system that controls your luminaires and saves you energy. Money spend on lighting can be cut by 80%. The system eliminates the waste of energy in your building. It enables you to have the right amount of light in various areas at any time, no matter what the conditions are. After it is installed you want to be able to use it without any trouble. However Luxon dynamic light control comes with a user interface which is hard to use. Especially a part called “Scene Control” causes much trouble. Scene Control is an essential part of managing the luminaire system. Here you can influence the luminaires in such a way, that you can save most money, while having the ideal lighting conditions for your building. Customers are experiencing problems with the system and the user interface irritates them. This increases the workload on customer support, because they have to solve the customers’ problem. A redesign for the user interface is necessary. This project will guide you through the design process for the redesign of Scene Control. The current user interface and stakeholders are analysed to picture the situation. With the information from the analysis the requirements were setup. A short TRIZ analysis was used to gain rough ideas for a concept. After that, prototypes were made to test usability. A detailed concept was created, with the results from the user tests. This detailed concept is reflected on with the requirements. At the end of this report recommendation for further improvements will be suggested. The people from customer support and a user interface developer were consulted for these recommendations. The concept was not tested with customers, but an example of a test format is provided in the recommendations.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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