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Bicycle mobility in Rio de Janeiro : Bicycle storage facilities to improve bicycle mobility in Jardim América & Vigário Geral

Kant, K. and Sambell, E.H. (2007) Bicycle mobility in Rio de Janeiro : Bicycle storage facilities to improve bicycle mobility in Jardim América & Vigário Geral.

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Abstract:In the northern favelas Jardim América and Vigário Geral in Rio de Janeiro the standard of living is low and NGO’s such as IBISS are looking for ways to make a positive structural change for the people in the favelas. One of these ways is promoting bicycle mobility. By using the bicycle, people can avoid using the bus or other forms of transport that cost money. In practice people can reach a bigger area for the same amount of money. This creates job opportunities and lowers costs of living. Previous research has demonstrated that despite the use of bicycles being low at this moment, there are real opportunities for bicycle mobility in the area. It was recommended by Paul Allin and Jasper van der Hoek that the construction of bicycle storage facilities would stimulate their use. Paul and Jasper are students at the University Twente who have already done some research on bicycle mobility in Rio de Janeiro. Following this recommendation, this report outlines an integral plan for bicycle storage facilities (BSF) in the area: an arrangement plan, a utilization plan and an impact assessment plan. The implementation of these plans will become a pilot project, which will serve as a learning experience for similar projects in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore it is also important that the pilot project is evaluated one year after implementation, as described in the impact assessment plan. The utilization plan describes by whom the facilities will be exploited and maintained. In our research we encountered the mindset Brazilian people have about cycling. Cycling is still not considered as a fully accepted alternative for public transport or the car as it is in the Netherlands. However, there is a positive development but this should be stimulated by creating bicycle facilities.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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