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Solar cookers for Africa : the replacement of a solar box cooker

Janssen, F. (2008) Solar cookers for Africa : the replacement of a solar box cooker.

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Abstract:Solar cookers are cooking appliances that cook u-sing only the sun as an energy source. A solar box cooker is a common solar cooker model that uses the greenhouse principle to heat the inside of the cooker. The cooker consists of an insulated box or oven chamber with a transparent top allowing light in, sometimes additional reflectors are added to collect more light into the oven chamber. Sunfire Solutions is a solar energy agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa and supplies solar cooking solutions. One of the products they offer is the Sunstove, a solar box cooker. Unfortunately, customers came back unsatisfied since this cooker is not performing very well. For this reason , Sunfire Solutions would like to replace the Sunstove with a new solar box cooker model. When replacing the Sunstove, attention should be paid to the performance, dimensions, manufactu-ring processes, materials and design while keeping the price as low as possible, especially since the target market consist partially of very poor people. Investing in a new and usually unknown product such as a solar box cooker is a risk and the lower the price, the lower the risk and the easier people can afford to buy a solar box cooker. The design helps give the cooker a strong and reliable look which helps to convince customers that a solar box cooker is a good and reliable product and therefore a sound investment. Worldwide there are many different solar box cookers available, all with unique advantages and disadvantages. An extensive research is done into finding out what materials are easily obtainable for a good price in Johannesburg. A selection of avai-lable materials was compared with materials used in existing box cookers: the most economic choice of materials is very similar to materials used in the ULOG Light, a box cooker model from Switzerland. The new cooker design is focused on giving the cooker a reliable look. Costs for manufacturing of the cooker will be between R800 and R1000 and this will include labour hours. The cooker will be sold by Sunfire Solutions using the internet and if possible, in hardware stores.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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