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Voorspelling van deelname aan darmkankerscreening in Nederland

Tillemans, M.S. (2017) Voorspelling van deelname aan darmkankerscreening in Nederland.

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Abstract:The aim was to assess to what degree a prediction of attendance to colorectal cancer screening in The Netherlands, based on the identified intention to attend by Hummel et al. (2013), is possible and if there exists a difference in predictive value between different groups of gender (m/w), age (55-64/65-74) and socio-economic status (low/mean/high). Predictions of actual participation were made using data from Hummel et al. (2013) about the extent of intention to attend colorectal cancer screening (n=167). To translate these intentions to a prediction of actual participation, three scenarios were used. Predictions were statistically compared to the actual attendance of the screening program trial from Hol et al. (2009) (n=5.007) and the national screening program of 2014 (n=741.853). Results showed that prediction of attendance to colon cancer screening in The Netherlands, based on intention to attend, is possible when man takes the strong relationship between a positive intention and behavior into account, as well as the weak relationship between a negative intention and behavior. Predictive value was greater in groups age 55-64 and high SES than in groups age 65-74 and mean/low SES. Predictive value for men and women is roughly the same.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Health Sciences BSc (56553)
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