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Multitooltrac rowcrop 80, op zoek naar een nieuwe toepassing

Klompe, A.J. (2016) Multitooltrac rowcrop 80, op zoek naar een nieuwe toepassing.

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Abstract:In order to finish my masters Design Engineering from the study Mechanical Engineering I did an internship at Multi Tool Trac BV. I had the privilege to design a concept model for an electrical tractor. My physical workplace was at Boessenkool BV, one of the stakeholders of Multi Tool Trac BV, placed at Almelo right next to Bolletje. During the assignment I followed the expected workhours and experienced how a small- and medium-sized company is. The assignment itself was supervised by Paul van Ham which is the initiator of the Multi Tool Trac. Multi Tool Trac BV is just started as a company (since 2014) and is focussed on building custom made electrical tractors for the agriculture. At the moment it is busy to build his first prototype to be ready for the market. The prototype contains an electric drivetrain, which is directly mounted on each wheel. It has four steering wheels and uses a fuel-engine to refill the battery which is powering the four wheel-drives. It has a variable wheel-width from 2,25 to 3,25 meter and has space to stack three agriculture-tools. The assignment is formed together with Paul van Ham. After the prototype was presented to the public, it received many positive feedback, which causes the possibility to think about other applications. It created the idea to design a new concept model, which had to be smaller with less weight. This resulted in the topic of my research: define and design a small, light, manoeuvrable electric driven and guided agriculture vehicle which delivers enough space for hoeing-tools. In the first part of the research it is proven that a small electric agriculture vehicle is creating most of the public support. It uses small tracks and is manoeuvrable and build to do all the repeatable work during the year. Interviews with farmers resulted in a practical perspective, where next to weight a multifunctional vehicle is preferred, like a multi-tool-tractor. Farmers measure the value of machines in working hours, to compare with the rest of the costs which are calculated in the equally. There were no other electric multi-tool-tractors found, so this could be a good application for a small agriculture vehicle. These results formed the bases for the design of the small multi-tool-tractor. The model is designed using four focus points; the total weight has to be low, there has to be good visibility on the working tools, it has to be manoeuvrable (four guided wheels) and it has to contain four electric wheel drives. The structure of the model is based on eight modular blocks. Each of these blocks can easily be separated, designed and produced separately. This provides also advantages for maintainability; broken parts can be fixed separately, when the upper modular block is easily replaced and the broken part can be fixed in the meantime. As a result, a break down during harvest, when every minute counts, is not longer time consuming anymore. Last but nog least, the modular design gives the farmer the possibility to create his own Multi Tool Trac, which is fully adapted to his requirements. In this way Multi Tool Trac can offer a broad range of vehicles and still build custom made products. In the end, every farmer has his own unique perspective on the work he does. To create an impression of the model the following specifications are put in sequence.  - Electric drivetrain with 4 x 15 kW nominal and 4 x 30 kW maximum.  - Replacable battery package with a power capacity of 15 kWh  - Range extender: modern 4 cilinder fuel engine of 81 kW (110 pk) with efficient high idling speed generator (95.4%)  - 4 driven and guided wheels with a small turning diameter (5.3 m) and optimal tractive power under all circumstances.  - Full electric guided by CANbus, prepared for master-slave and auto-steering  - Electro boxes are directly accesable in all circumstances ((±1. 5m height)  - 2 positions for the three-point-hitch and PTO  - Cabine can be moved continuously variable up to 3.2 m height  - Track-width of 1.5 m  - Wheel base of 2.5 m In short, a good suggestion if you are interested in working at a small- and medium-sized company.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Multi Tool Trac, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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