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Design of Flexible connection system elements and damage inspection of Slingbuoy 2.0

Ooms, B.R.J. (2016) Design of Flexible connection system elements and damage inspection of Slingbuoy 2.0.

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Abstract:I did my internship in a branch office of the innovation department of Allseas Engineering in Enschede. Allseas is an offshore contractor best known for its dynamic positioned pipelay vessels and the Pioneering Spirit, a specialized heavy lift vessel. The main office in of Allseas Engineering is in Delft and there are currently two branch offices, in Enschede and Eindhoven. During my internship I worked on two projects, first I started with the damage inspection of a prototype and in the second part I focussed on the design of a part of the A&R equipment for the Pioneering Spirit. My assignment was the damage inspection and determination of the reason for failure of a prototype. This prototype was a new type of buoyancy module used to float a steel wire rope. During my internship I found out that two out of five modules were damaged, both in a different way. For both damages theories were developed of why they were damaged. A proposal for the adaptation of the design was made, to prevent one type of damage in the future. Due to the promising design of similar equipment for the Pioneering Spirit the project has been put to a halt. Therefore I was not able to verify the reasons for failure. The second part of the internship I worked on the design of the a piece of A&R equipment. Abandonment and recovery (A&R) Is the process of abandoning the pipe and putting it safely on the seabed. The vessel should be able to disconnect from the pipe, for instance to seek shelter from a storm. Upon return the pipe should be able the be picked up by the vessel in order to resume pipelay. My responsibility was the design of a protective cover for a load bearing element for this subsea equipment. The cover had a lot of strict geometrical requirements for the outside and had to be able to be very flexible and strong. This led to a challenging design process. After the internship period I was hired (during the summer) as an assistant R&D engineer to continue to work on the design of the A&R equipment.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Allseas Engineering B.V., the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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