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Part optimization design studies in the modern aircraft industry

Plura, F. (2016) Part optimization design studies in the modern aircraft industry.

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Abstract:The internship is performed at the Composite Door Surround Department of the company Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg, Germany. Being an independent company within the Airbus Group the core business is the construction and production of primary aircraft structures from different materials such as carbon fibre composites, titanium and aluminium. Especially in the internship period the topics were all related to the development and optimization of parts mainly based on the Airbus A350 with the aim to save weight. During this internship two different parts in the Door Surround region were being analyzed and optimized. First of all different concepts were generated and tested by use of calculations or even by building prototypes with the Additive Layer Manufacturing method 3D printing. Regarding the first two projects further input of technical experts or extra test data is required to be able to proceed with these topics. In addition to that the documentation of the self-reliant work and providing the necessary information in a structured way to colleagues was also one of the main topics. Also some smaller tasks were performed to assist colleagues in daily- and weekly projects with approximating deadlines like tolerance analysis or optimizing some parts for the Passenger Door Surround. Furthermore getting familiar with the process of Design to Cost (DtC) and the acquisition of new projects were two extra parts within all the remaining projects. Finally the last topic was to gather all the required information for setting a concept version over to a detailed design. In this case an innovative design for the Dado Panel of an aircraft type of the programme to be detailed. While working on this detailed design iteratively performed optimization steps took place to come up with a lighter design in the end.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Premium AEROTEC GmbH, Germany
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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