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Testopstelling voor de meting van elasticiteit als onderdeel van een drukbank

Screever, M.J. (2017) Testopstelling voor de meting van elasticiteit als onderdeel van een drukbank.

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Abstract:Koningklijke Auping bv is a bed specialist and market leader in the Benelux. Auping has multiple sales locations in Europe and has a big distribution range, over a large part of the world. Auping offers sleeping comfort on the highest level and combines years of experience with the newest developments. Originally, Auping is a company using old skills where quality is determined on base of years of knowledge and feeling. In favor of greater efficiency and quality, Auping wants a more transparent way of quality guaranteeing, especially its reproducible measurement results are essential. The elasticity of textile has a great influence on the quality of the products, but it is determined on feeling in the current situation. Auping wants to ensure quality and wants to control quality by linking measurement values to the elasticity of the fabric. The purpose of the assignment is to develop a test setup with which a comparison can be made between different sorts of fabric based on elasticity characteristics. This test setup serves as a component of the already present and available compression testing machine. The needed values are being measured by this machine. The elasticity has to be measured in the X- and Y direction. All aspects that are important for, and have influence on the testing station, are analysed where after they are converted to a program of demands. Different solutions are studied and eventually judged on hand of the program of demands, from that one definite solution is picked. This solution is further elaborated to a more detailed end concept. A prototype is realized whereby the workings of the test setup is demonstrated and a user’s test is performed. Research has shown that, in the textile industry, deformations of the textiles are expressed by means of elongation by various forces. Auping uses the definition of elasticity for these values. The importance of Auping is a test setup that can measure the amount of elongation by various forces. Since the test set-up has to function as a part of the compression testing machine, there is a limited height as possible for the test setup. Quality control can be achieved by creating reproducible values, which are stored and understand by most workers. Using the test setup Auping can create measurement results of various types of textile. The measurement results are the elongations and the corresponding forces. These data provides the possibility to compare different types of textiles with each other, based on reproducible test results. The test setup is completely dependent on the compression testing machine of Auping. Without the compression testing machine, the test set-up is not being powered and there is no computer that displays measurement results. The limited height under compression testing machine provides working heights that do not meet the prescribed ergonomic working height. In advance, the fabric to be tested, will be clamped in the clamping direction and then will be placed in the test setup as a whole. This ensures a short period of time in a non-ergonomic working position, which reduces the impact on the human body. The test setup offers Auping, based on recorded measurement results (numbers), a more transparent way of quality assurance. Several employees can perform the test, without having the traditional knowledge. The results provide a reproducible value, with which the different fabrics can be assessed and ranked on quality.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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